This page lists some great offers and FREE BETS on the GRAND NATIONAL for the current 2015 season. This years GRAND NATIONAL that will take place on 11th April 2015 at aintree, Liverpool. Ladies day will take place on Friday 10th April.

The following bookmakers are offering freebets you can use on the grand national. Their offers are as follows:



Note, to claim some of these free bets for the grand national you may still be eligible even if you have an account with them but it's not a sports betting account. So for example if you have a Casino account with Betfred and you chose to Open an account with Betfred's Sportbook's bookmaker - then you will almost certainly qualify for the free bet offer.

This year's grandnational will be sponsored by Crabbie's ginger beer. They have a 3 year contract from 2013-2016. The prize money is £1m and compares with the prize money of £550,000 for the 2013 Betfred Cheltenham Gold Cup - the grand national is considered the most prestigious race of the UK jump season. We have a table of past grandnational winners listing their betting odds available.


The Grand National is held at the Aintree racecourse in Liverpool and begun in 1839. The first winner was by a horse called Lottery Who (12 stone carried).

The grand national race is called the world's greatest steeplechase and is one of the most widely recognised steeplechases in the world. It is an unique test of horsemanship for the rider and also a test of a great significance for a horse. The aintree course is 2 a quarter miles in length and has 30 fences including the famous Bechers Brook. It is the most famous chase in the world and one of the biggest tests for racehorse and rider around two circuits of the Grand National course - with 30 fences to be jumped as four and a half miles is covered. There are numerous famous landmarks fences which are an integral part of Grand National folklore these are, Becher’s Brook, the Canal Turn, Valentine’s and the Chair.

The fences typically pose a problem for the horses in that there is the famous drop fences which means that the landing side of the fence is lower than the take off side and that means the horse approaching the fence is unaware of this fact until in the air.

Inversely the Chair Fence, is the biggest fence on the course and the landing side is higher than the take off. In the Grand National the horses have to complete almost two circuits of the course and jump 30 fences and then a long 494 yard run in which has been the downfall of many in the past. On the course there are 2 fences that are jumped at once and this is on the first circuit, they are the Chair Fence and the water jump.


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The address is Ormskirk Road, Aintree, Liverpool L9 5AS for sat navs.








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Shutthefrontdoor 9/1
Rocky Creek 11/1
Balthazar King 14/1
The Druids Nephew 16/1
Godsmejudge 20/1
Spring Heeled 20/1
Merry King 25/1
Pineau De Re 25/1
Soll 25/1
Unioniste 25/1
Alvarado 33/1
Carlingford Lough 33/1
Cause Of Causes 33/1
First Lieutenant 33/1
Goonyella 33/1
Guess Again 33/1
Living Next Door 33/1
Many Clouds 33/1
Monbeg Dude 33/1
Night In Milan 33/1
Prince De Beauchene 33/1
Royale Knight 33/1
Saint Are 33/1
Sam Winner 33/1
Teaforthree 33/1
The Package 33/1
Across The Bay 6 40/1
Al Co 40/1
Alderwood 40/1
Boston Bob 40/1
Chance Du Roy 40/1
Dolatulo 40/1
Gallant Oscar 40/1
Hadrians Approach 40/1
Home Farm 40/1
Lord Windermere 40/1
Owega Star 40/1
Portrait King 40/1
Raz De Maree 40/1
Roi Du Mee 40/1
Wyck Hill 40/1
Any Currency 50/1
Baileys Concerto 50/1
Ballycasey 50/1
Benvolio 50/1
Broadway Buffalo 50/1
Buddy Bolero 50/1
Carlito Brigante 50/1
Corrin Wood 50/1
Court By Surprise 50/1
Double Ross 50/1
Duke Of Lucca 50/1
Gas Line Boy 50/1
Harry The Viking 50/1
Katenko 50/1
Make A Track 50/1
Mon Parrain 50/1
Mountainous 50/1
Oscar Time 50/1
Rebel Rebellion 50/1
Renard 50/1
Rigadin De Beauchene 50/1
Rolling Aces 50/1
Rubi Light 50/1
Shotgun Paddy 50/1
Standing Ovation 50/1
Super Duty 50/1
The Rainbow Hunter 50/1
Theatrical Star 50/1
Bob Ford 66/1
Cedre Bleu 66/1
Ely Brown 66/1
Glenquest 66/1
Lackamon 66/1
Sydney Paget 66/1
Tales Of Milan 66/1
Tranquil Sea 66/1
Vintage Star 66/1
Alpha Victor 100/1
American Spin 100/1
Ballyoliver 100/1
Ikorodu Road 100/1
Maggio 100/1
Mart Lane 100/1
Neptune Equester 100/1
River Choice 100/1
Rose Of The Moon 100/1

 Odds Last Updated (provided by WILLIAM HILL (MARCH 2015))




The 2000 grand national winner was: Papillon 10-1

The 2001 grand national winner was: Red Marauder 33-1

The 2002 grand national winner was: Bindaree 20-1

The 2003 grand national winner was: Monty's Pass 16-1

The 2004 grand national winner was: Amberleigh House 16-1

The 2005 grand national winner was: Hedgehunter 7-1

The 2006 grand national winner was: Numbersixvalverde 11-1

The 2007 grand national winner was: Silver Birch 33-1

The 2008 grand national winner was: Comply Or Die 7-1

The 2009 grand national winner was: Mon Mome 100-1

The 2010 grand national winner was: Don't Push It 10-1

The 2011 grand national winner was: Ballabriggs 14-1

The 2012 grand national winner was: Neptune Collonges 33-1

The 2013 grand national winner was: Auroras Encore 66-1

The 2014 grand national winner was: Pineau De Re 25-1





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