Tote is short for Totalisator, a system introduced to the UK in 1929 to offer pool betting on racecourses. It works like this: all the stakes on a race are pooled, a deduction is made to cover costs and the Tote's contribution to racing. The remainder of the pool is divided by the number of winning units to give a dividend which is declared inclusive of a £1 stake. In other words, pool customers bet against each other, whereas in bookmaking they bet against the bookmaker. Odds fluctuate according to the pattern of betting and betting ceases at the 'off'.

TOTE SPORT , has 4 parts to its business:

Tote Credit Club offers a comprehensive telephone betting service as well as providing offices on every racecourse.

Bets are accepted on horseracing at Starting Price or Tote returns together with Ante-Post on principal races and on most major sporting events.

Racecourse Division - Betting points are situated on every racecourse offering the full range of Tote bets including, at most locations the facility to bet at other racecourse meetings.

Tote Bookmakers operate offices throughout the country providing a cash betting service at either Starting Price or Tote Returns. Offices are also situated on many racecourses offering a cash betting service or Starting Price.

Tote Direct - Many off-course bookmakers now operate Tote Direct on-line terminals enabling Tote bets such as the Scoop6, Jackpot, Placepot and Trifecta to be transmitted to the racecourse Tote Pools.

The following are the types of bets which you can place with the TOTE:

WIN - The object is simply to select the winner of a race.

PLACE - You select the place of your horse. These only operate on races of 5 or more runners. The less horses that run the closer to 1st place your horse needs to be.

EACH WAY - An each way bet requires your horse to be a winner and placed.

EXACTA - The Tote Exacta requires you to guess the 1st and 2nd place winners.

JACKPOT - Tote Jackpot requires you to select all 6 winners of selected race mettings.

PLACEPOT - The placepot requires you to place a horse in each of the 6 selected race meetings.

QUADPOT - Tote QUADPOT is similiar to the placepot but only operates on 4 quadpot races.

TRIFECTA - The TOTE Trifecta requires you to guess the who will come 1st & 2nd & 3rd on a race.

SCOOP6 - Is a TV event that requires you to guess the winner of 6 nominated (Tote Scoop 6) Saturday TV events.


Be warned the FREE BET offer is limited! The TOTE may remove it (as they did in feburary) - dont delay join today.






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